Organizations play a crucial role in advancing the mission of the community. The core of the community revolves around the growth of open-source products built by DPGs/DPI & GovTech organizations. By actively participating, organizations contribute to shaping a collaborative ecosystem and fostering innovation to create population-scale impact.

Code for GovTech empowers organizations with the following value propositions:

  • Receive expert guidance and implementation support in seamlessly adopting Digital Public Goods & Digital Public Infrastructure in your organization.
  • Access additional talent pool, encompassing both skilled contributors and mentors.
  • Foster sustainable and scalable development, ensuring long-term success for your projects.
  • Engage in mutual sharing and learning and foster a community that benefits from better standards and improved quality.
  • Extend or establish an open-source community around your products by becoming a part of our community.


How to participate?

Dedicated Mentoring Program (DMP) 2024

Participate in DMP 2024 to amplify your organization’s capacity to innovate. This is an opportunity to accelerate innovation, focus on key initiatives, and build impactful projects. Interested in joining DMP 2024?

Community Initiative

Embark on a journey towards sustainability and building a vibrant open-source community. Adopt a C4GT GovTech Office to ensure long-term adoption by connecting with contributors who are passionate about building DPGs/DPI & Tech for Good. 

Create a lasting impact by adopting a college chapter!

If you are interested contact us at

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