C4GT aims to leverage a standard’s first approach to enable continuous collaboration between organizations and contributors, enhance contribution readiness for organizations, better align incentives for contributors with those of organizations, and ease cross-platform discovery.

As part of this endeavor, C4GT has introduced the following standards and frameworks:

Contribution Readiness Framework

This framework lists a set of criterias entailing documentation & code, community engagement, and project management that can be used to evaluate whether the DPG is ready for contributions. The objective of this framework is two-fold:

  • To enable DPG organizations to evaluate whether their products meet the essential prerequisites for open-source contribution
  • To enable open-source contributors to assess products that ensure a fulfilling contribution experience

Standardized Template for Issue Tickets

A standard taxonomy has been created for problem statements (or issue tickets) on GitHub, to enable easy discovery of issue tickets by interested contributors and also make the process of listing issue tickets more convenient for the organizations.

DPG Points System

To incentivize and reward the contributors in the community, an incentivization framework has been introduced. The core of this framework is a gamified points system that rewards contributors for every issue ticket that they successfully solve. As contributors solve more tickets and score more points, they get access to increasing levels of rewards, starting from badges and certificates, all the way up to one-on-one office hours with industry experts.