What do C4GT open-source projects look like?

C4GT projects relate to DPG / DPI & crucial tech building blocks focused on social impact, whose code is open-source in nature.


The Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM) aims to create an open interoperable digital health ecosystem for the country. More than 430 Million citizens have ABHA numbers and 200K health facilities & healthcare professionals are registered under ABDM.
X-Admin Admin for Sunbird RC Sunbird RC is an open source framework to build electronic registries, attestation capabilities and verifiable credentialing. X-Admin is a low-code framework to create internal admin tools for governance uses. This project’s aim is creating an auto-generated registry management tool- X-Admin for Sunbird RC.
AI Toolchain is a collection of tools for quickly building and deploying machine learning models which can enable powerful insights from data & content. One of the primary use-cases has been to build a chatbot providing personalised advisory to farmers in Odisha.
Avni is an open-source community health worker platform that supports use cases such as service delivery, service facilitation and data collection. It is being leveraged by 40 organisations including NGOs, governement organisations and more.
Bahmni is an open-source Hospital Information System and Electronic Medical Record that aims to meet the needs of low resource environments. There are currently 500+ known sites (healthcare providers) that have implemented Bahmni across 50+ countries.
Beckn protocol is a set of open specifications aimed to create a common language that is machine-readable and enables interoperability for economic transactions between disparate platforms.
CARE is a capacity management and patient management system. It helps digitize patient records, streamline workflows for pandemic management, enabling TeleICU services in remote areas. It has been deployed across 200 hopsitals in India impacting lives of 6000+ patients.
OAuth2 Proxy is a reverse proxy & static file server that allows authentication using providers (eg. Google, GitHub) to validate accounts by email, domain or group. This creates stateless microservices that can be verified via a network layer. The goal is to add FusionAuth as a provider for GovTech products
As Shiksha starts getting deployed, apart from the core functionalities, there would be non-functional requirements like creating landing pages, welcome screens and content pages. The aim of this project is to create a content pages & announcements management admin for deployers of Shiksha
Competency passbook is being conceptualised as a comprehensive student engagement & learning record. The goal is creation of competency ledger on a private blockchain network of schools for awarding badges and certificates to students to account for differences in learning levels.
CORD is a global public utility and trust framework that simplifies the management of information, making it easier for owners to control; agencies and businesses to discover, access & use data. It is currently enabling 50K transactions per second.
cQube is a configurable, and extendable DPG solution that streamlines data, enables data visualisation & nudges for stakeholders across govt, society, and private sectors. It has been adopted by 15 state’s education department to enable data-based decision making.
Shiksha’s mission is to empower the government school education system with edtech products that have delightful and dependable user experiences. This project’s aim is to create a design system for Shiksha Frontend so that it enables reusability.
The DDP is a data platform for the social sector. It currently enables 4 NGOs to import 25000+ records from various data sources into their warehouses on a daily basis. It consists of open source building blocks to tackle data ingestion, storage, and visualisation.
Samagra DevOps standardizes and eases the process of deploying projects. Its design focuses on being a modular and lightly coupled architecture that can be used both on public cloud providers and restricted environments of government services without not internet.
DIGIT is a service delivery platform that enables government employees to effectively deliver services to citizens. It has positively impacted the lives of 2 Billion citizens by leveraging 100 partners to implement 40 solutions at scale.
DIKSHA is a national platform for school education, which is leveraged by teachers and students across 35 States & UTs as well as other autonomous bodies. The platform has witnessed over 6 billion learning minutes across 5 billion+ sessions since its launch in 2017.
Doc generator is a plugin-based service that will help in generating reports, docs, pdfs, from various data sources and in any required format and layout. It is used for use-cases where data needs to be visualized and downloaded. For eg: sharing student’s performance reports with teachers.